Harvest Home

Old newsreels and black-and-white pictures can give us a minute glimpse into the past. I personally think the past is extremely important.

The deplorable sufferings of the underclass in this country, have been carefully masked by strategic distance, and dare I say, strategic indifference?

I therefore have attempted to provide a; ‘come inside and see’ group of visions, that hopefully, open up the senses, to the stinging tail of realities grip.

This ‘song,’ if that indeed is, what it is, (?) tells the story of a village. A village, an English landscape, the unimaginable struggle to survive, set against the landlord living off the fat of the land.

It echoes out to an all-pervading landscape of England’s past, caught in time and the shattered tracks of timelessness.

Chris Pitts
May 2021