Chris Pitts Music


It was a time of great change.  So much has been said about this period that it is hard to see through the smoke and mirrors.  Artists like The Beatles and Bob Dylan led that change.

I have purposely built a ‘Sixties’ musical background that looms its presence in these songs.  In those days people looked for creative fulfilment and love.  I was one of the lucky ones, I found it!

I don’t like the way that singer / songwriter sites of today use the maximum amount of glitz and hyperbole, I have tried to present this as straight as I can.

This album is my thank you to those who lived, loved, and lost in that generous time.

It is also my goodbye……


An album of original songs celebrating the 1960’s
by Chris Pitts

A postcard to my friends in cemetery land & to the friends who find the memories hard to live with.

I lived through a time that has become known as the 1960’s.

Bonus Single Feature From the forthcoming album, ‘Looking for the carpenter